Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Straight Hair Project

Most of the girls reading this will agree with me: You do not like your hair.
It is every girl’s problem for life; curly haired women want straight hair, while poker haired want wavy hair. I have wavy hair, which fall up to my shoulder, maybe a little longer in length. And the word scrunch makes me cringe. I have the undying desire to have straight flowing hair.
And that makes me try new and innovative ways to make my somewhat curly hair straight.
When I was young I tried to straighten my hair by tying them in a plait just after I washed my hair. That worked for me a little time but not for long. Then I started braiding my hair in smaller sections, like a hippie, and then leaving them open just before the party. That too did not last for long, and my expectations kept attaining new heights.
I started using straightening products, conditioners and serums to make my hair straight enough. As I reached the age of 18, I started having my own hairstylist, and she always suggested the scrunch look to me. And that made me angry. Finally, I got my hair straightened for the very first time.
That look went on for quite a while with regular straightening therapies, but as my hair started growing, I could see my ugly curly hair growing out again from the roots. To control this, I bought myself an iron, to straighten my hair whenever I want. But the use of this iron had no limit and I used it every single day, day and night. And this led to its confiscation.
But the limit was when I used an iron; hold on your breath, an iron used for ironing clothes to straighten my hair. (That was my friend’s idea, but, my hair was used). My mother kept on warning me not to do this, as it may damage my hair forever. I kept on doing that till one day my hair was burned. That was the time when I realised that I need to stop trying to straighten my hair, and in that process I am damaging my hair to the roots.
That was when I decided not to try any more ideas on my hair, and now, I love my hair the way they are.
That is the perfect solution to good hair: LOVE YOUR HAIR AND THEY WILL LOVE YOU BACK!

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